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Recruitment Process

Resume Submission

Send your resume to 1405841048@qq.com in the form of attachment.

Resume Selection

We will tell you the result of resume selection within 2 days after receiving your resume.

Face-to-face Communication

We will have a face-to-face communication at appointed time in our company. We will inform you of the result within 2 days.

Skill Test

If you pass communication, there will be a skill test in company. We will inform you of the result within 2 days.

Customers' Phone Interview

If you pass the skill test, we will arrange a phone interview with customers. We will inform you of the result within 2 days.

Employment Checking

If you pass the customers' phone interviews, we will contact you and have employment confirmation within 2 days.

C++ Software Developer

Position Description

Using C++ language for navigation software development and data compilation

Position Requirements

1. Proficiency in C++ and using C++ for software development.
2. Good communication skills, and have the ability of analysing and solving problems.
3. Strong sense of responsibility ,community and stress tolerance.
4. More than one year relevant working experience.
5. Computer science related major bachelor’s degree or above.
6. Navigation software development experience is preferred.
7. Embedded platform development experience is preferred, proficiency in Linux is preferred.
8. Experience in development of image identification, mastering GIS related knowledge is preferred.

Android Software Developer

Position Description

1. Be responsible for the development and optimization of navigation APP in Android platform, and boost technical research and application of Android platform.
2. Trace the tendency of mobile navigation software at home and abroad, and introduce new technology for company punctually.
3. Analyze the feasibility of combining technology with production through research, and solving the problems in the application of technology.
4. Review existing product thoroughly to find out the solutions of optimization.

Position Requirements

1. Proficiency in the theory of Android development platform framework, awareness of the process of Android APP development.
2. Awareness of the process of system boot, privilege control and memory manager. At least master an underlying mechanism of Service module.(such as ActivityManagerService、WindowManagerService、PackageManager、 ResourceManager etc.)
3. Having experience in architecture design of Android client products or the design of core modules independently.
4. Excellent architecture design ability,and have a deep understanding of multi-thread, HTTP protocol and WEB.
5. Have the abilities of technology research, documentation and communication.
6. Master the common design principles and design modes, and understand Android modularization and API Design process.
7. More than one year Android development working experience.
8. Computer science related major bachelor’s degree or above.
9. Proficiency in NDK programming, Java and C++.