Beautiful Services

Professional service team, customized service project.

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Beautiful Services

GME have a number of well-known clients in the Internet and high-tech industries. At the same time, in the wind of Internet development, GME makes use of the capabilities in traditional Internet sector to carry out in-depth cooperation with Internet enterprises, in order to develop a new Internet model based on the traditional Internet and improve greatly the Beautiful service in the new age.
Based on experiences accumulated in the Internet industry, GME is confident to get large customers in Internet and other industries by optimizing industry solutions and providing users with "end to end" services.

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Helping you confront the unknown and move forward. So that you can experiment and move fast, we use technologies and practices that adapt as we go.

Digital Strategy & Service Design

Experience Design

Lean Product Development

Portfolio Design & Management

Customer Research & Testing

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With our roots in enterprise systems and agile delivery, we’ve been at the forefront of some of the industry’s biggest changes. We’re here to bring the technology that’s at our core, to yours.

Software Delivery & Legacy Re-engineering

Microservices & Evolutionary Architecture

Continuous Delivery

Open Source Software

Data Science & Engineering



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Technology increasingly is the business. Disrupt yourself or be disrupted. For over 20 years we have been helping our clients think bigger and deliver better.

Agile Delivery Leadership

Lean Enterprise/ Lean Organisation

Organisational Transformation

Rapid Prototyping

Innovation Labs